Welcome to Ambassadors of the Flame of Mercy

 Transforming Lives by Christ's Mercy...

Transformando vidas por la misericordia de Cristo...


Healing and Empowerment Retreats are for Men and Women and are Bilingual

The Ambassadors of the Flame of Mercy hold many Healing Retreats throughout the year designed to address the many aspects of healing both the physical and the spiritual side of a person: Healing from hurts you have grown up with, physical problems that won’t heal, addictions to drugs, food, and gambling.  We are here to bring the love of God the Father, the healing of Jesus the Son, and the empowerment of God the Holy Spirit into action.    


Having family problems? It is likely we have gone through the same experiences.  All our retreats deal with family issues including getting rid of past hurt, how to live together in honor and respect of the role each person has within the family and to raise up each person’s dignity.  Come to learn how to deal with the other members of the family that won’t live a Godly life. Come to get healed and get the answers you need for you and your family.  

30 Years of Experience


Established in 1989, we have had over 35,000 people attend our retreats. While each situation is unique to each person, Christ Jesus allows us to use this experience to bring blessing according to each individual’s need. Come and find the mercy God has for you.