What is your Joy?


By: Carolyn Huntzinger


  What is your Joy? In my personal prayer, I received that my joy is to do the will of the Father. My next task was to discover what His will is. This sets me off on an adventure, reading scripture and asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. Beyond this is the revelation that this is love. Love is to do the will of the Father and to pray for that good in our fellow man (sisters, brothers, family and friends). Love, unlike the latest song, is not a tender devotion, but a free offering of our own will to do what God wants us to, no matter the cost. 

  I have to smile a bit about this, because it is not easy, and many, many times I fail. Many times I cry, “But what about me, Lord?” I whine that I’m feeling unimportant and insignificant. I have to remember that I am his everything-nothing. I am nothing without him, yet everything with him. God created me and knows my value beyond anyone or anything else, yet sometimes I fail to see this dignity and recognize my own worth, and in those times, I can feel discouraged and worthless. All these emotions sadly give glory to Satan, not to God. 

  So, choose today to embark on a journey of joy instead of hopelessness and discouragement. Come on the adventure with me. Read his word to know his will and give up yours to do it. In this great commission, you will find joy. 

   And brothers and sisters, we can journey together. It’s called a retreat, where you retreat from the world and give God your weekend. Come discover him and what his will is for you. We have a men’s retreat and women’s retreat coming up: check them out on our Retreat and Events page. Come and journey with me.