The Master Plan


Phase 1: Build Louis Constancio Life Center

The need to replace the current center with a new facility is document in the History Leading up to Construction.  In order to build a new building at the same location of the current building  necessitates  having to remove the old facility first.  In order to continue to hold retreats while the facility is being replaced another retreat location is needed.  To accomplish this the Ambassadors decided to build an annex that would be used at first to hold the retreats and to house the chapel.  

Phase 1: Build Louis Constancio Life Center - Current Operations

The Louis Constancio Life Center is the new annex facility for the Ambassadors.  To be used first for holding all the retreats until the new main building is operational.  After the new main facility becomes operations this annex would be used to host events that could be held even while a major retreat was occurring, or used when the large facility is not needed. 

Projected Completion Date: Summer 2020

Phase 2: Build the New Ambassador Center

At the end of phase 1 the contents of the  east wing and central section of the main building would be moved to the annex and to the Wholy Scent Gift Shop in order to tear down the old building in order to make way for the new building.  The main office and living quarter locate in the west wing will left up and operational during phase 2. 

The new facility is being designed to be used well into the next century by our children's children.  

Phase 3: Remove the Remain Section of Old Building

Once the main facility becomes operational the office equipment can be transferred from the old building, and the   old structure can be torn down.   This area is likely to be made into a paved parking area for the new facility. 

Phase 4: Dorm Upgrade

Upgrade the  dorms which will include making more private rooms and handicap ready rooms. 

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