How it Started


In the early 1990’s, Mary Constancio’s dad, Jessie Lozada purchased 18 acres of land in Shallowater, Texas, which contained a single building on it: a “U-shaped” building made up of 3 military barracks from the local air force base. Prior to its purchase, Mary’s mother, Juanita, had a vision along with Henry and Mary Constancio, that this would someday be a retreat center. In 1993 Henry and Mary moved into the building that had no water or heat and started working to make this vision come true. 

In 1993 and 1994 the ministry held retreats at The Mercy Center in Slaton, Texas while construction continued on the future Shallowater retreat center. During January and February 1995 a large group of people came together to ready the building to handle its first major retreat held on February 28, 1995: the Mercy of the Holy Trinity Retreat. A note of interest: this first retreat had 106 people attend, with the majority of people staying in the homes of local Lubbock people that were also attending the retreat. 

In July 1995, construction started on the current dorms which included two apartments on the second floor for the families of the full-time ministers. Completion of the dorms occurred in February 1998. 

In 1999, Mary Constancio’s dad, Jessie Lozada donated the buildings (dorms and main facilities) along with 3 acres of land to the Ambassadors of the Flame of Mercy. 


 The current main facility has been around since 1990 and is sitting on cinder blocks and not a concrete foundation. Starting in 2015 the current facility started to show wear and tear, and structural problems throughout the building manifested. At that time plans to replace the current facility started.  


The pictures below are Henry Constacio and Kathy Gloria working with a local architech to develop floor plan for new facility.